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[Photos] SHINee「Dazzling Girl」 Promotional Board and Truck in Japan

Promotional Board

Credit: rinhohu_miho // SHINee Baidu

Promotional Truck 
via: SHINee Baidu
[PICT/HQ] SHINee - Dazzling Girl Photoshoot

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Credit: heyheyheyyo
via: Taemin (SHINee) Russia
[Trans] 121008 Jonghyun’s twitter update - supporting TVXQ ‘Catch me’ Come back with Key & f(x)

00:34AM KST
TVXQ hulk dance fighting!! Inkigayo’s stage support is back! ㅋㅋElbow suddenly became longer Shin Ki Shin Ki Dong Bang Shin Ki please have my leg be longer too Shin Ki Shin Ki Dong Bang Shin Ki

Credit: realjonghyun90
Chinese Translations: HyunStar
English Translations: Forever_SHINee
[HQ SCANS] SHINee for Marie Claire Magazine

credit as tagged
[Trans] 121005 Onew Japan Mobile Site update SHINee blog 

Hello everyone on fansite.
This is Onew. 

From last month in Korea, the temperature difference between the afternoon and night is really extreme, feels like autumn, is everyone feeling that autumn is here too? In this month, our SHINee new single ‘Dazzling Girl’ will be released!
It’s next week right (o^^o)
It’s our first Japan original single, so we are feeling excited about it.
We have worked very hard preparing for it, please listen to it alot alright!?
Dazzling Girl ♪ Dazzling Girl ♪
Source: SM Ent. Japan Inc
Credits Minoutshine
Japanese-English Translations: Forever_SHINee
[Trans] 121005 Minho me2day update supporting TVXQ ‘Catch me’ Come back

우리형들 파이팅!!! ‘Catch Me’ 대박!!!!
My brother Fighting!!! ’ Catch me’ daebak  !!!

Credit: SHINee me2day
Translation : Forever_SHINee
[Trans] 121005 Minho official site update

Friends who met Kang Taejun.

Perhaps first time starring as lead, I’m excited but also nervous if I could do well..

Thus I worker even harder, the first filming, the first broadcast, the nervous feeling looking at the monitor felt like yesterday.
This drama has ended…

Feel pity that of something lacking in myself
Now it’s still far (from best). Ending with this kind of feeling
Really regret with this feeling.

All fans & viewers supporting‘For You In Full Blossom’till the end
Sincerely thank you all
Director who guided me even of my deficiencies
Also all the staffs, actors & seniors
Once again thank you, thank you and thank you.

Started with excitement ending with regret
This short yet long summer
Happy & good to meet Kang Taejun~

Now it’s not the end but a step up the stairs
Choi Minho who is standing higher will even work harder & vigorous

Thank you so much~

For You In Full Blossom …..

Kang Taejun…..

Forever thank you^^

Beloved 303 & Genie High School goodbye

Full translation credit: Mr Minho
Via: Forever: SHINee
[Trans] 121005 Tae-Jun (Minho) Me2day Update 

길고도 짧은 강태준의 생활이 끝이 났습니다~ ‘아름다운 그대에게’를 많이 사랑해주셔서 너무 감사 드리고 또 감사합니다. 너무 고생하신 감독님 및 스탭 여러분과 동료배우, 선배님들께 영광을 돌리며~ 앞으로 더 노력하는 최민호 되겠습니다~! 안녕! 강태준^^

Long yet short Kang Taejun’s life has ended~ Everyone give ‘For You In Full Blossom’ lots of love, really thank you, once again thanks, Glory is to the great efforts of director & all the staffs, actors, seniors~ Will be a more hardworking Choi Minho in the future~! Goodbye! Kang Taejun^^

English Translations: MrMinho
Via: Forever_SHINee

Panda And The Hedgehog  Ost Part 3 Download

Various Artists - Panda And The Hedgehog Ost Part 3:

Panda And The Hedgehog  Ost Part 3 Download
Panda And The Hedgehog  Ost Part 3 Download


Album Title : 판다양과 고슴도치 OST Part.3 (채널A 주말 미니시리즈)
Artist :VA
Genre :Ost

1. 사랑 도치 - 최진혁
2. Promise - 권순일 (어반자카파)

[HD PICTURE] SNSD Jessica for Banila Co. Model

Source: Banila Co. Facebook Page

[Wallpaper] SNSD Yuri Casio "Baby-G" 

[PHOTO] Yuri - Casio "Baby-G" HD Wallpaper:
Credit: Casio | Posted by @lilsoshis

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[Wallpaper] SNSD Yuri Casio "Baby-G"
[Wallpaper] SNSD Yuri Casio "Baby-G" 

[PICTURE] Super Junior on 'Super Show 4 Premiere' at Japan 

One Day after doing the show at SMTOWN Live World Tour III on Jakarta. Super Junior heading to Japan to attend Super Show 4 Premiere. check this picture of Super Junior

120924 'Super Show 4 Premiere' at Japan with : RYEOWOOK, KYUHYUN, DONGHAE, EUNHYUK & KANGIN  [14Pics]:

 *Gidaehaedo Joha Let's Go XDDD*

credit : @woonxian
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