Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jang Hyun Seung
Stage name/ Nick name : So-1 /
lancho (rancho)
DOB : 3 September 1989
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 58 kg
Education : ansan information industry high school (graduated)
Blood Type : B
Specialty : beatbox, working hard
Hobbies : bowling, web surfing
mungkin ngga banyak yang tau, kalo so-1 ini adalah mantan personil dari Big Bang.. dia dikeluarin diepisode ke sembilan dalam acara dokumentasinya big bang, alasannya karena menurut YG entertainment, so-1 ini pemalu…

Lee Ki Kwang
Stage name/ Nick name : AJ (ace
junior) / holly 2
DOB : 30 Maret 1990
Height : 174 cm
Weight : 58 kg
Education : seoul art college
Blood Type : A
Specialty : Dancing
Hobbies : watching movies, sports, excercising, dancing
AJ sudah 4 tahun menjadi trainee JYPE.. dia nge-fans banget sm TaeYang nya Big Bang, Omarion, dan Usher..

Yang Yo Seob
Nick name : Yang yo, Siksin,
DOB : 5 Januari 1990
Education : Dong-ah institute of
media and arts
Height : 174 cm
Weight : 54 kg
Blood Type : B
Specialty : vocals, beatbox, eating well
Hobbies : writing lyrics dia ini teman sma dan back up dancer nya AJ dan memiliki bakat mengeluarkan suara
burung dan menirukan mimik wajah orang..

Son Dongwoon (Hangul: 손동운; Hanja: 孫東雲; born June 6, 1991), more commonly known as just Dongwoon, is a South Korean pop singer and dancer. He is a member of the Korean boy group Beast.

Son Dong Woon
Nickname : sonseuko, 16D
DOB : 6 Juni 1991
Education : Hanyoung High
Height : 181 cm
Weight : 64 kg
Blood Type: A
Specialty : Piano, chinese
Hobbies : writing lyrics, reading

Full Name: Lee Chae Rin (Hangul: 이
채린 | Hanja: 李債潾)
Stage Name: CL
Nickname: Baddest Female in Seoul
Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead
DOB: February 26, 1991
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 162 cm
Blood type: A

CL Facts:
- Featured in Uhm Jung-hwa’s
“DJ” (2008) before 2ne1′s group
- Featured in Dara’s song
“Kiss” (2009)
- Featured in G-Dragon’s song “The
Leaders” (2009)
- Did a duet with Minzy named
“Please Don’t Go” (2009)
- She can speak Korean, French,
Japanese and English
- She used to live in France

Full Name: Sandara Park (산다라 박)
Nickname: Dara
Position: Vocals
DOB: November 12, 1984
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Height: 162 cm
Blood type: A

dara Facts:
- Elder sister of Thunder, member
of boy band MBLAQ
- Debuted as an actress (2004) in
the Philippines before joining 2NE1
- Starred in Korean drama Return
of Iljimae (2007)
- Went solo with Kiss (2009)
- She is naturally very skinny
- She can speak Korean, Tagalog and
- She used to live in the Philippines

Full Name: Park Bom (박봄)
Nickname: Bommie
Position: Main vocals
DOB: March 24, 1984
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 165 cm
Blood type: AB

bom Facts:
- Started solo career with ‘You and
I” (2009), continued with “Don’t
- Featured in GD&TOP’s “Oh Yeah”
single (2010)
- She has lymph nodes, which causes
certain areas of her body (i.e.
cheeks, legs and thighs) to swell up
- She can speak English, Japanese,
Chinese and Korean
- She used to live in the United

Full Name: Gong Minji (Hangul: 공민
지 | Hanja: 龔民持)
Stage Name: Minzy
Position: Main Dancer, Sub Rapper,
DOB: January 18, 1994
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 161 cm
Blood type: O

minzy Facts:
- Did a duet with CL named “Please
Don’t Go” (2009)
- She speaks limited English
- She is known for her incredible
dancing and popping skills
- She was discovered through a
dance video on YouTube
- She has strong muscles and abs