Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[Fanacc] 120717 SHINee spotted at SM Building 

we saw taemin and key arrive!!!!
nanny came to pick taemin up idk from where cuz it only took him 2 minutes… then he stopped right in front of us with his car rolled down window and spoke sth to the guard
so I could see taemin sitting next to him with his poker face on xD
and we just saw onew arrive!!
and taemin is so funny he had a poker face on when leaving the car but then he saw someone from SM I guess and bowed 90 degrees with a sudden smile xD
key bowed his head at us ^^
we missed jjong ;-;
manager had a window open when he left to pick up Tae so me and val waved at him and he bowed his head lawl xD

saw taemin and key come out with nanny. taemin went to the beauty salon accross from SM. he passed right next to me ;-; he said hi to us. he’s so cute omg
they left now! onkeytae :3
key waited in the car but no one noticed and we werent sure if he was… but val went to the car and waved at him xD onew left in a differebt car
taemin smiled this time and he was much less awkward probably cuz he was with nanny and other members
he is so beautiful ;A; he was so beautiful this kid
taemin was the only one who went to the beauty salon. the manager protected him as always<3

manager just came back. they must be somewhere close
taemin looked happy ^^

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[PICTURE] 120717 SHINee spotted at SM Building

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[Preview] Minho for Vogue girl

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SHINee, SNSD, 2AM, 2PM, CN BLUE, MBLAQ, KARA and more to be part of KPOP Super Concert in America

Some of the Top Hallyu Stars will be heading to USA at the Home Depot Center for a K-pop Super Concert sponsored and organized by SBS. The line up for the concert includes SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, CNBlue, KARA, SISTAR, Secret, MBLAQ and SNSD a total of 9 teams.

The concert will be held this coming August 8 and is one of the large scale K-pop concerts ever to be held as the venue can hold over 20,000+ audience. The event kicked off a facebook page on the 10th of July and it reached over 300,000 hits showing a good response from oversea’s fans of the K-pop stars. This concert is sponsored and organized by SBS and it will be broadcast in SBS also.

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[PICTURE] ‘To the Beautiful you’ Main Casts Photoshoot

&#8216;To the Beautiful you&#8217; Main Casts Photoshoot Source: rolypolyy

Credit: To the beautiful you Facebook