Tuesday, July 3, 2012

120701 SHINee at Japan Arena Tour Hiroshima

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[PICT/HQ] 120702 Key at KPOP Nation in Macau

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120702 SHINee – Introduction at KPOP Nation in Macau

120630 Key Solo Hair&Judas at Japan Tour in Hiroshima Full HD Fancam

credit: KIMsmet
120630 Key at Japan Arena Tour in Hiroshima #2


Compiled by : ViolaLoveSHINee (weibo) 

Encore : Taemin sprawled on the floor in front of the camera and Key joined him. Jonghyun lay on top of Taemin and Onew lay on top of Jonghyun. Taemin gave a “So heavy!” expression. Then Taemin seemingly tried to kiss Key’s right cheek, but failed as Key sensed it. Reluctant to give up, Taemin pursed his lips close to Key’s right cheek. After Onew interrupted them, Taemin finally gave up. 

Taemin failed the 2nd time because Onew squatted on top of him to hold Taemin in position then poured a bottle of water on Taemin’s head. 

Even though he did not cry, but it was the first time to see Taemin biting his lips hard, trying his best to hold back his tears since the start of Japan Arena Tour. 

Jonghyun bit Taemin’s wrist and Taemin showed the bite marks to Minho. Upon seeing them, Minho’s expression seem to tell “Be good, it does not hurt, does not hurt~” (S/N : Trying to comfort him) while soothing his wrist. 

To Your Heart : Taemin jumped off the stage and impersonated the Red Indian dancers to fool around. After losing(?), he sneakily stretched out his legs to trip that particular “Red Indian”. and he reached out his hands to poke him a few times. 

Taemin wanted to slide around on the stage so he poured a lot a lot of water on the stage and had a great time sliding around by himself.. But Minho passed by and Taemin suddenly put on a serious face and reminded him “Be careful, there is a lot of water here”… 

Always Love : A dancer did a prank by stopping Taemin by poking him with a toy gun at his back. Taemin could not help but to scream “AH” loudly. Key couldn’t help but burst out laughing after seeing what happened. Then this dancer clasped both of his hands together to beg Taemin for forgiveness. However the embarrassed Taemin did a “hmph” and smacked his hands down ^^

Credit : TheFirstAndTheLast_LTM | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 
Keeping Love Again : Jonghyun was kneeling on the ground initially however he just sprawled on the floor from the start. He placed his hands beneath his chin like an open flower - really cute! And when he was untied by the dancers, he threatened to remove the dancers’ straw skirts, 3 of them. However, he did not succeed. Key also danced with a long-headed spear - really cute too. 

Before Jonghyun retreated backstage after his solo, he removed his black wife-beaters! He also removed his shirt and threw it (to the audience) during the last encore performance. Minho also ripped his shirt to reveal his abs for his solo and threw his shirt (to the audience) before his solo ended. 

When Jonghyun was at the extended stage getting ready to sway his head and squirt water, Taemin went to join in the fun. Both of them had a great time : kept pouring (water) over one another, shaking their heads (S/N : Drenched with water) and squirting water. After that, Taemin continued to squirt water everywhere from his mouth. 

Stranger : Key was facing really close to Jonghyun, singing his part. Jonghyun suddenly initiated to move even closer~ These 2…were really only few centimeters apart. 

Credit : Cher_露西爱钟铉 | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

Minho used one arm to hug Jonghyun and to pour water all over his body. Both of their faces accidentally met!
Minho mimicked Jonghyun to take off his entire shirt and ran towards the backstage = =
Jonghyun actually wanted to snatch the money held in Taemin’s mouth using his own mouth!
Jonghyun rolled up his shirt to wipe his perspiration so we saw his abs!

Credit : GlowTatto | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

Taemin : Are you lonely !!!! Fans : Yes!!!!!!! Taemin : What can I do then !!! 

Taemin : This is the last song 
Key : (You’re the) Bad guy, (for saying) that’s the last song!
Onew : (Let’s do it) Together~
Key : To be bad guys altogether? Hahaha
Onew : Yes Yes ^^
Key : This is not a bad idea~~

Credit : Locktan_1423 | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

The “Kim Brothers” danced Electrick Shock 
Credit : OnTaem_YYYYYan | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

Taemin’s dance performance was so aggressive that his lighstick slipped out of his hand and fell to the audience area. Somebody threw a lighstick back to him 
Jonghyun and Taemin had a water fight!
Jonghyun and Taemin had a crazy and interesting Dance Battle! Their crazy dance battle is to throw/shake their body and limbs randomly in all directions. 

Credit : 2minhyunkeyonew_ | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

Onew-goon was trying to clean up the water on the stage but Taemin came over to splatter water all over
Taemin did a wave which stopped at his fingers; so only his fingers kept doing waves.
Taemin did a split again!
Everyone sang Stand By Me candidly. Taemin kept commenting how Kibum’s pitch is really high. 

Credit : Still a Baby | Translation : soundtracklove@soompi
[Eng] 120702 SHINee on I Love JK Part 1

120702 SHINee – Sherlock at KPOP Nation in Macau