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[TVXQ/DBSK GIF] Changmin and Yunho "Talk about Aging"



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[BIGBANG GIF] BIGBANG Extraordinary 20's

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[BIGBANG GIF] Shining Seungri

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[SHINee GIF] Taemin and Minho Hug on the Stage



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[FULL AUDIO] 120624 Key Solo - Hair/Judas 
by Lady Gaga

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120624 Key's solo - Hair & Judas (Lady Gaga) 
at Japan Arena Tour in Tokyo

 120625 SHINee Message at Mezamashi 

[VID/ENG] Donika met SHINee

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[Eng] 120624 SHINee at Taiwan MTV  Part 1


English Translation : soundtracklove@soompi | Interview begins at 2:03

DJ : Okay, the first place for this week's MTV Music JK Charts goes to... "Sherlock" by SHINee! Congratulations! 
(SHINee pops out, Onew dances Sherlock out)
DJ : REALLY!! OMG!! This week's guest is.. SHINee! Let's welcome them! Welcome welcome
Key : Welcome Welcome (In Chinese)
(Onew presents to him Minho's Sherlock Album and slides past to prevent blocking the DJ. Subtitltes read : "Flexibility Talent!")
DJ : Ah! Thank you thank you! This is the 9th time you have been to Taiwan, how do you all feel?
Jonghyun : We are happy that we are able to visit Taiwan frequently. Everyone welcome us warmly, which makes us feel really blissful.
(Key starts to vibrate/shake his legs~)
DJ : Actually Sherlock has previously clinched the champion spot (in the Music Charts) for 4 weeks consecutively. And it has returned to (the 1st) spot for this week! The Japanese version is also in the #2 place - that's a pretty good result! Do you want to thank your fans?
Taemin : Thank you!
Onew : Thank you everyone! 
Key : Thank you everyone!
Jonghyun : Thank you!
(subtitles : really sincere!)
Key : We hope that everyone will support us more in the future!

DJ : We are lacking of one member (for today) but that's alright, I believe everyone will still be really supportive of SHINee. Actually from this new album, we can tell from their style, choreography are really eye-catching/ attention-grabbing. So should we invite them to discuss the unique qualities of their outfit today?

Jonghyun : Taemin's necklace is the most eye-catching today
Taemin : My necklace is really eye-catching (S/N : Onew sangtae in the background)
DJ : Very "SHINee" Shiny shiny shiny~ (S/N : Sparkly CG effect on Taemin's necklace)
Jonghyun : Everyone has used sparkly accessories (S/N : Key shows off his gorilla bracelet charm)
DJ : I feel that everyone loves (to see them wearing) shining outfit, however... everyone probably prefers them not wearing anything instead! For example, in this album there are many pictures of them without any clothings. What is actually going on? Whose idea is that?
Jonghyun : The producer. The producer advised us "Do you want to try it out?" After hearing his suggestion...
Key: ...we prepared ourselves mentally.
DJ : So all of you were really cooperative with the producer. Did any of you specially worked-out or anything?
Key : There was a gap of time between when the suggestion was first raised and the release of the album so....
Jonghyun : All of us slightly worked harder (on our bodies)...
Key : Yes, to exercise and slim down etc. 

DJ : Actually if you look at this album, Taemin actually has of long hair! What happened! Is he able to adjust to (the new hairstyle)?
Taemin : Since I had long hair for the previous album Lucifer, (so) this is the second time (that I have long hair).. hence I am comparatively more comfortable with it.
DJ : So why did you not continue with that style?
Taemin : Because it is summer now, it'll be really hot with long hair.
DJ : Hahahaha (subtitles : that's true)
Key : Hot~~ (In Chinese)
DJ : That's true, the weather is hot.. Right, so we talked about the Sherlock hairstyle earlier on, another highlight is that they have invited a really famous choreographer Tony Testa. As compared to your previous dances, is it much harder? Can you pinpoint the difficult part?
Jonghyun : This dance requires all 5 of us to come together as one; in order to execute this dance. We require a lot of time to practice, but we were all really happy during the practice. So.... it was not considered tough/difficult. We were quite happy (had some fun with it).
DJ : So could you show us your favourite pose, since there were many in the mv.
(Subtitles "What a fast action!" - Taemin immediately rushed forward to pose!! Haha!)
DJ : Ah ah ah that's good (S/N : I have an idea) Today, we lack Minho, so why not teach me.. (so that) I can replace his spot to (complete) the formation. Teach me! Teach me!

(Subtitle : Crab is walking, Really serious in demonstrating)
(Key did a crab walk across the screen, Onew posing really seriously)
(Subtitle :"First-come first-served!")
DJ : What about Onew? (DJ joined in the formation but Onew remains standing like a host)
(Subtitle : Aren't I the judge? *thumbs up*)
Onew : Then there wouldn't be any space anymore
DJ : Like this? Like this? Is it successful? 3.2.1. "Smile!"

DJ : How could we only just have a chit chat with them, we have to play a fun game with them!
(Next Week's preview of the game they are going to play later)
(SHINee performs "Stranger" at the recording studio)


Source : MTV Taiwan | Video upload : abbeyshinee | Translation/Transcript : soundtracklove@soompi