Sunday, July 1, 2012

[PICTURE] SHINee at Mtv chart show taiwan

Credit: mtvchartshow

1. When asked what they would do after their Japan Arena Tour concert has come to an end, Taemin replied “I will cry after the Japan Arena Tour has ended”. Jonghyun teased “(You are) lying! Taemin is unable to cry/shed tears; he’s a cold person. He is almost like a robot”. Taemin replied in a robotic tone “I am not a robot! I am human!” Onew “Regardless a robot, a human or an alien, I like it too!” 

2. Stand By Me : Key let Taemin sing his part. However Taemin could not remember (the lyrics) at all and randomly sang “&*%@#!@”. Key burst out laughing. Upon seeing this, Jonghyun immediately gave Taemin his most significant part “Ohhhhhh~~~~↑↑”. But in the end, Taemin sang in a really really low tone “Ohhhhh~~~~~↓↓”. Key continued to laugh at Taemin while pointing at him… 

3. A fan sitting at the first row wrote a banner in Korean “Please throw the towel to me” - and Taemin just walked away with his towel after seeing it.. Then when he returned back to the extended main stage, he just threw his towel towards the fan without even looking at her. 

4. For a certain song, Taemin stood at the wrong position again… He only suddenly realised his mistake after making an eye contact with key and gave a “Ayeee…I’m at the wrong position” expression and moved beside Key (for the dance formation). On the other hand Key’s expression was like “You little Pabo (fool)! You are really!!” and used his lighstick to knock on Taemin’s head. 

Credit : TheFirstAndTheLast_LTM | Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi 
Ready Or Not : Onew fell down from the stage. It happened right in front of my eyes. He could not move and his movements felt unstable for a few minutes. He later took the water the staff passed to him and returned back to stage. Good thing he wasn’t injured. 

As Onew was waving during Kiss Kiss Kiss, he tried to hold back his tears like a man; so handsome. Minho also had teary eyes and kept breathing hard to fight back (his tears) as he was waving too. Today, everyone seemed to be holding it back (´;ω;`) 

Taemin&rsqu/;s black eye shadow was slightly transferred onto his nose. So Key asked “What is this!” (In Korean) and helped Taemin to wipe it off. 

- The audienced laughed/teased Minho for doing Kinesio Therapy (キネシオ) 
- Jonghyun’s “Wings” part was successful today, no mistakes or accidents
- During the MC introduction session, Onew did a flying kiss to the Shawols
- Minho did a Bbuing Bbuing while singing “Hello” 

Jonghyun took off his shirt and threw towards the audience. It was okay since he wore another clothing underneath it. Minho and Taemin mimicked him (But since they did not wear anything below, they did not take their shirts off). 

Credit : 沙由由 | Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi 

Minho won 1000Yen (S/N : From the winning ice cream stick)~ and used this money to buy a lot a lot of “Curry Curry Goon” Ice Cream stick (S/N : Based on pronounciation). However he bought one Häagen-Dazs Ice cream (just for key ^^) 

Credit : Locktan_1434 | Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi