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[PICTURE] SHINee - Staff Diary at SWC 2

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[Trans] 120724 Minho was mentioned in SM Choreographer’s Tweet

 I received a love confession yesterday but I politely ignored it.
Picture Translation
Minho: Let’s do well at the next concert too !! My personal choreographer kekeke
Jaewon: Get lost, I’m not doing yours.
Minho: I love you~
Minho: Do you know my feelings?
Jaewon: I don’t know
Minho; I know very well kekeke
Jaewon: I don’t know
Minho: I love you ^^
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[Trans] 120720 SHINee Japan Mobile Site Update - Staff Blog

2012.07.20 SHINee Japan Mobile Site update

Hello everyone on fan site.

In a blink of time, SHINee World 2012 Tour had ended, and it’s already the end of July.
Recently, the weather has continuously been at 30 degree high temperature; which really makes us feel like summer is already here.
Please be careful not to get heatstroke or cold in the middle of this (hot weather).

Needless to say, the member who is wearing this fashionable accessory must be Key (right)?! (laugh)
Today, he has also wore this special accessory to attend Taemin’s birthday party.
The dinosaur (figure) attached to the accessory? It was Key who (personally) arranged and added on it! As one would expect, KEY~!!
(I guess) no one would defeat Key’s fashion (sweat)
This, which reminds me that during the tour, we did also introduce a dinosaur ring, right!

Source: SMent Japan Inc
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Japanese-English Translations: _almightyblings

SHINee challenges extremes at SWC 2

SHINee’s back, bolder and better.

After setting a record with their first ever Japanese arena tour, performing to a total of 200,000 people in 20 shows, Korean boyband SHINee returned to Seoul to kick off their second concert tour SHINee World II.

xinmsn was invited by Running Into The Sun (RITS) to attend their Seoul concert over the weekend, and the concert mesmerized close to 20,000 Shawols (official name for SHINee fans) across the two days (Jul 21 and 22).

SHINee opened the show with the explosive ‘Lucifer’, decked in white and grey science fiction-esque outfits. With beat-heavy dance tracks such as ‘Amigo’, ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Ring Ding Dong’, it is obvious how much SHINee has grown as performers, luring the crowd into their world.

The concert theme this time round seems to focus on SHINee being saviours judging by the introduction video of them in a spaceship clashing head on with a meteor, to them appearing on a log raft and performing ‘Amazing Grace’.

SHINee revealed a tinge of their darker side at their first tour, but they challenged themselves further this time with heavier rock influences for the live remixes. Averaging at an age of 20 years old, what struck us the most was how SHINee matured from their cutesy boyish selves, proving that being badass was no big problem.

Maknae (the youngest) Taemin’s solo performance of Korn’s ‘Get Up’ opened our eyes as the ‘f’ word in the lyrics was boldly shouted, but it was his collaboration with Jonghyun that stunned everyone.

Singing ‘Internet Wars’ by Seo Taiji, the two engaged in a battle on stage, with half-naked Jonghyun grabbing Taemin by the back of his head and pressing their faces dangerously close together. Their performance of this segment on Saturday created a huge buzz online with fans thinking that Jonghyun kissed Taemin. The dramatic rendition ended with Jonghyun handcuffing Taemin.

Fans who prefer the softer and tamer side of SHINee, don’t worry — there’s enough to go around. SHINee’s retro video made for the song ‘Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree’ stood out for its humour. They even came on stage performing it, throwing SHINee dollar notes to the audience.

Leader Onew’s solo musical stage of Jason Mraz’s ‘I won’t give up’ and Toy’s ‘A Passionate Goodbye’ was a delight to watch too.

SHINee ended the show in their familiar coloured skinny jeans, singing the touching ballad ‘Life’. The concert lasted around three hours and SHINee performed close to 30 songs.

After bringing SHINee to Singapore for their first concert tour last year, RITS is once again bringing this widely-anticipated encore performance to local fans. It is confirmed that SHINee World II will be held in Singapore on Dec 8 (one night only) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Ticket are expected to go on sale in August, with further details to be announced soon.

Source/Credit: xinmsn
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[PICT/Scans] Jonghyun - SWC2 Brochure

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[PICT/Scans] Taemin - SWC2 Brochure 

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[PICT/HQ] 120721 - 120722 Taemin at SHINee World Concert II

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