Thursday, October 27, 2011

Caring for AC

Air Conditioning (AC) had now no longer the nice things that exist only on expensive cars. All new cars have been offering air conditioning as one of the standard equipment. Truck manufacturers had also been offered as standard equipment cabin air conditioning power steering assist.
As they are used constantly, especially in big cities in order to keep operating optimally conditioning units also require treatment. The most easily in the care of the AC is handed to a professional technician.

The question is when the AC should be taken to a special shop air regulator? To find out you have to look at the symptoms of malfunctions that must be considered. Among them:
1. Stench

The stench that came out so air conditioning is turned on are the result of bacteria, micro-organisms, fungi that accumulate around the AC grid, especially the grille on the dashboard. To get rid of that annoying odor, wash with anti-bacterial treatments. This fluid can be obtained easily in the car accessories shop. When the mushrooms are clean, air conditioned sprayed will be fresh again.

2. Less Cold

When the less cold air conditioning, it's time into the garage. The decline in employment AC power can be caused by leakage or refrigerant is time to be replaced / added. To fix this better done an AC repair shop technician.
3. Continuous Turn 

Air conditioning system that continues throughout the year instead of living healthier. AC path continues to encourage refrigerant circulates. Refrigerant-containing lubricant used to lubricate the entire system and prevent leaks. The most important lubricant to lubricate and maintain the refrigerant compressor. Also keep the seals and pipes remain moist, so awake from the risk of cracking due to dry which can lead to leakage of the system.

4. Do not underestimate the sound of Strange

If you experience strange noises, unusual from the air conditioner did not previously exist, it is advisable to go as soon as possible air-conditioning repair shop for inspection. There are voices that are the initial symptoms / indications of damage to the compressor.

Compressors are the most expensive part of the AC system. When the bearings in the compressor broke / broken, meaning the other components were contaminated with metal particles. The system should be drained plus replacement compressor and other components. It's very expensive.

5. Normal, There's Water Droplets

If there are drops of water under the car, do not be surprised because it was perfectly normal. It comes from the evaporator. Evaporator having an evaporator drain pipe that allows water out of the car. Sometimes the pipes are clogged or broken so that the evaporator can not drain water out of the car and even into the cabin. This problem can be overcome by cheap.

6. Periodic Maintenance

Like other systems in the car, the AC also needs to check periodically. Compressors need lubricants, filters need to be cleaned of dirt and moisture. When the filter is dirty, disturbed system performance and can make the system does not work at all.

Refrigerant gas in general to be replaced four years ago after a car made two to three years after that. Regular maintenance of your car air conditioning system will keep the compressor is working perfectly as well as other vital components. Regular maintenance is the long-term investment while ensuring you remain comfortable in the sweltering day.a