Monday, October 29, 2012

Bae Suzy (Miss A) on "Show Champion" Photo

Comeback stage for "I Don't Need a Man" Album, here is bae suzy (Miss A) Photo on Show Champion! 


IU GIF "Pink School Girl Uniform"

IU - Lee Ji Eun, Multi Talent Korean Idol, just like Bae Suzy.. ^^



Bae Suzy & Yubin Waking up Running Man Members

From the Running Man Episode 117 . Here is Scene cut miss A Suzy & Wondergirls Yubin waking up runningman members. check this out

121028 miss A Suzy & Wondergirls Yubin waking up runningman members

Bae Suzy Sinchon U-Plex Fansigning Event

Together with Miss A, Bae Suzy do Fansigning Even on Sinchon U-Plex. With Red sweater Suzy look gorgeous, check the 40 HQ photo's of Miss A Bae Suzy... Also look another recent update of bae suzy : [VIDEO] Bae Suzy fell on "Gag Concert"and Bae Suzy GIF on "Happy Together".

[VIDEO] Bae Suzy fell on "Gag Concert" 

Poor bae suzy (Miss A).. she is fell on the floor.. but it's okay.. she's not hurt. ^^ see the video bellow

[VIDEO] 121028 Gag Concert
Suzy fell *__*