Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[Trans] 120814 Jonghyun twitter update 


After our stage perf ended, Kim Yeon Kyeong National Player approached wanting to take a picture together. Because i was so astounded, my following words were stuttered, and i couldn’t take the picture with my phone… Kim Yeon Kyeong National Player, send me the picture tooㅠㅠ… The reason that i was so shocked is..


*drip drip* My tears are flowing *drip drip and drip drip* Friendly Kim Yeon Kyeong National Player bent her knees *drip drip*


Representative National Player Teams, you all have worked hard~^^ You’ve made us proud!! Clap clap clap!! To all the audience that came to enjoy the performance, because it rained ㅠㅠ you all suffered heh Be careful so that you wouldnt catch the cold!! 

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[PICTURE] 120814 SHINee at KBS Kookmin University festival

[VID/HD] 120814 SHINee Sherlock at KBS Kookmin University festival

[VIDEO] SBS Drama 'For You in Full Blossom' Making Film

[NEWS] SHINee Minho's and f(x) Sulli's kiss scene details from "For You In Full Blossom"

Preview images of f(x)′s Sulli and SHINee′s Minho’s upcoming drama kiss scene are getting fans excited.

The new preview still cuts were released on August 14 ahead of To the Beautiful You’s airing.

In the images, Sulli is shown with her back against a glass wall. Minho is seen with one hand on her shoulder, his face leaning towards hers, before he turns his head with his eyes closed, their lips merely inches apart.

The kiss scene was filmed on August 4 in Gyeonggi-do’s Gapyeong at a country club. Shooting the scene late at night at 2 in the morning, the two were said to have shown some initial nervousness before the shoot but were able to successfully complete the scene.

An individual from the drama’s production dished some surprising revelations on the scene saying, “For the kiss scene’s filming, Sulli and Minho had to kiss for real about 15 times. As the shooting progressed, Sulli began doing the kiss scene with ease compared to Minho who kept showing his nervousness while turning red and making the set laugh.”

To the Beautiful You will premiere on August 15 with the kiss scene to air on August 16 in the drama′s second episode.

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[VIDEO] EXO-M Ching Roy Ching Ran Sunshine Day (Full)
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subbing : WISHeeStar

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