Friday, September 28, 2012

[VIDEO] Key and Kara Nicole’s birthday party

credit: Nancy Lang
[PICTURE] Jonghyun & Key at KeyCole Birthday Party

Via : zsarmayco03
[VIDEO] SHINee Visit Minho at 'To The Beautiful You' Filming Set

[PICTURE] 120926 SHINee's KakaoTalk Update - visiting 'To The Beautiful You' main casts

Source: SHINee Baidu
[Trans] 120926 Key Me2day update with TVXQ & Choreographer Tony Testa 

샤이니의 셜록과 이번 동방신기선배님들의 컴백을 도와준 토니테스타가 공연보러와줘서 기념샷샷샷샷 Catch Me 캐치미 기대할게요 하하

Tony Testa, who helped with SHINee’s Sherlock and DBSK sunbaenim’s comeback came to watch the concert so a commemoration shot shot shot shot. I’ll look forward to Catch Me haha. 

Credit: SHINeeme2day 
Translated by kimchi hana @
[VIDEO] SHINee -「Dazzling Girl」 Music Video (short ver.)

[Trans] 120927 Key was mentioned in Nancy Lang’s tweet

2.19AM KST
Today is SHINee Key’s birthday part~! Kibum ah wish you happy happy happy birthday~~~ and it is KARA Nicole’s birthday too, so both of them had a birthday party together so great ah! Happy~ ^^ Love you all~~~ ah~~~~~! 

Source: Nancy Lang’s twitter
Korean-Chinese trans credits: Lucky_Key weibo
Chinese-English trans credits: Forever_SHINee
[Trans] 120927 Key me2day update

[Key] 니콜 &범 합동 생일파티 ..너무 재밌었어요 내년에는 더 크게합시다 :-) 다들놀러오세요

[Key] Nicole and Beom’s joint birthday party .. It’s really fun. Next year will have a bigger party :-) Everybody come and play!

Credit: SHINee’s me2day
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee