Sunday, September 23, 2012

[Link] 120922 SHINee at SMTOWN in Jakarta (Indonesia)
Credit: youlahaha5, ryokopink, fluffernutter286, @chanyeol and @repiay
[SHINee GIF] Happy Birthday Key

credit: k-popheroes
120922 [SMTOWN Jakarta] Super Junior in The House Part 4 [12Pics]:
huahhhhhhhhh,.. I'm so excited,.. I think this is my last post for today, I'm so sleepy,.. Hoamhhppp,.. kk,.. the first pic, uri myeolchi, Very adorable <3

*kkk,.. The last pic is Adorable Hae Oppa,.. so my post tonight is being closed by EunHae,... I wanna say save trip to Go back to Korea foR Oppa-deul,.. Chochonieyo, Oppa-deul~^^*

credit : @haemeimei, @sjissj, @5FOReunhyuk, @gyuchuls, @sasapi, @ryeonggu621, 

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[PICTURE] Super Junior at SMTOWN JAKARTA, Indonesia #3

120923 [SMTOWN Jakarta] Super Junior in The House Part 3 [40Pics]:

credit : @haemeimei, @sjissj, @5FOReunhyuk, @gyuchuls, @sasapi, @ryeonggu621, @elf_thought

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