Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inspiration came everyday in life. from today class I have a story to tell and I decide to post it and made some revision. this is the story:

There is a taxi driver from a Blue Bird Company who has loyal customer that always use his taxi every day. it's maybe because the quality of taxi has been trusted for many costumer and has a good record in servicing costumer with good attitude and never disappoint their costumer. 

The Loyal costumer is a women who has long hair and always want to picked up near a dark bridge at a midnight after she finished her work with little worry the taxi driver go to pickup her. through the dark he sing to encourage himself. 

as usual, at the place He seen the woman with white dress and long hair started to drive to her home. he didn't dare to look face to face with her with no reason. 

after 30 minutes drive the taxi. Blue Bird had arrived at her home. with no conversation the costumer get her hand to the shoulder of the driver. and said "stop". but as usual when the driver looking at back sit of the car, the woman has disappeared leaving with the smell of flowers.

from this story: Blue Bird taxi quality service is really good even Ghost trust and drive it. hehehe 


Candidate Bachelor of Industrial Engineering