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120719 SHINee - Lucifer at MBC SMTOWN in LA

[VIDEO] 120719 SHINee - Sherlock at MBC SMTOWN LA

SHINee World Concert II in Seoul Teaser from GMARKET

[PICTURE] SHINee World concert II Official goods

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Yuri Polaroid Photo for Girl de Provence Perfume
July 19 2012

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Bae Suzy and Jang il Woo for Domina Pizza Promotion
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Gaon Chart First Half Ranking of 2012

*Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking*
1. Busker Busker – “Cherry Blossom Ending” – 285,723,438 Points
2. T-ara – “Lovey Dovey” – 263,602,835 Points
3. Big Bang – “FANTASTIC BABY” – 261,487,164 Points
4. SISTAR – “Alone” – 253,894,932 Points
5. Big Bang – “Blue” – 251,692,639 Points
6. Ailee – “Heaven” – 246,357,100 Points
7. Lyn – “Back In Time” – 216,120,492 Points
8. TaeTiSeo – “Twinkle” – 209,737,735 Points
9. 10cm – “Sorrow” – 199,838,791 Points
10. miss A – “Touch” – 189,995,898 Points

*Online Downloads For The First Half of 2012*
1. T-ara – “Lovey-Dovey” – 3,338,408 Downloads
2. Big Bang – “Blue” – 2,985,936 Downloads
3. Big Bang – “FANTASTIC BABY” – 2,855,955 Downloads
4. Ailee – “Heaven” – 2,836,564 Downloads
5. Lyn – “Back In Time” – 2,710,524 Downloads
6. Busker Busker – “Cherry Blossom Ending” – 2,700,716 Downloads
7. 10cm – “Sorrow” – 2,487,262 Downloads
8. SISTAR – “Alone” – 2,440,653 Downloads
9. miss A – “Touch” – 2,432,180 Downloads
10. Dynamic Duo – “Without You” – 2,221,683 Downloads

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HD PICTURE SNSD for High Cut Magazine vol.81
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HD PICTURE SNSD High Cut Magazine vol.81
HD PICTURE SNSD High Cut Magazine vol.81

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[PICTURE] Taemin’s Birthday gifts from 718gram fansite

Credit: 718gram

VG: Did you practice high jump a lot? When we see you win on “Let’s go dream team” do you think it’s really as good as player/athlete’s standard?
Minho: I started practicing regularly for 1.5 months before filming. I thought the 1st until 2nd second try was easy, but this one is so different from what I did on dream team. High jumper player does backward jump, so this is really hard. High jump can be said as a very hard sport among trackfield event, and one of events that players avoid.
 VG: Kang Taejun has a lady-killer character, is the character matched the lead’s character?
Minho: First, I’ll say that it’s about 50%, I have a lot of similar character with him, but my relation with my family and people are different. I watched the Japanese drama and tried to find the original (T/N: the manga, I guess?), I still can’t say that his genuiness, manliness, look, and naturally cool character are totally similar with me. After all, I just want to express and follow that character well.

 VG: What kind of look will you show that makes you different from Oguri Shun which had the same role on the Japanese drama?
Minho: Because the person who acts the role is different, so the way I’ll show it will obviously be different. You can distinguish my different feels of the character from Oguri Shun. This talk will only be proven as you see the broadcast on 15th of August! Haha.
 VG: SHINee’s Minho, Actor Minho, and Minho’s photoshoots filming like today, which one is the most difficult role?
Minho: It’s acting. I can just show myself when I sing and dance, but on acting, it’s not my real self that I show but what I must show is another person’s character which is as natural as possible, it is difficult.
 VG: If you could pick on any kind of work as you wish someday, what kind of movie that you wish to to try?
Minho: Action or Quentin Tarantino’s noir movies. I want to try films whom Men like, but not in my image right now, maybe a while after will be possible.
 VG: Talking about image, do you pursue for a ‘pleasant young man’ image? Like, when you go to pierce shop sometime, and the staffs ask you to pierce, but you immediately agitate and cut them off  saying “I’m not doing it!”
Minho: (Shocked)Woah! ……It was only once. I was actually curious. Members wear a lot of piercings. Well it’s not that I’m going to make a ‘pleasant young man’ image but I think putting something on ears like earrings doesn’t suit me somehow. *For once, the stylist didn’t pierce her ear, so she asked me to look for her magnetic piercing, as expected, I felt weird as I saw it on the mirror. Furthermore, it got lost it in less than one hour*. So the conclusion is, I’m not a ‘pleasant young man’ it can’t be helped anymore. Haha.
* I’m actually not 100% sure about that part!

korean – english translation: minhogoon @ livejournal
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To all the fans, thank you for wishing me a happy birthday every year like this.
I want to wish everyone a happy birthday too, wah..
I always love you and please spend my birthday beside me for the next hundred years and ten thousand years^^
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[Fan account] 120718 Taemin Birthday Party #3

  • kim kibum’s such a fashionista on his trainee days~~ his hair wrapped up his face, jonghyun: are you a sea chestnut? PMSL
  • jonghyun… baggy pants.. waeyo
  • he wore them on tae’s bday today lol
  • among the lucky winners, there’s a fan whose name was like luna then jonghyun sang electric shock, jinki bounced off his shoulders and went “jeon jeon jeon!” (it’s luna’s park on the song) when he gave sign to her. LOL
  • before debut, shinee members used to tease minho as a person who didn’t have special changes lmao
  • when a fan tried get handshake w/ taemin, they used the opposite hands, then when she tried to switch hands, but taemin switched his too ;w;
  • taemin and that fan tried to switch their hands for handshake more than once omfg cries
  • at the end, onew played around with balloon and accidentally hit on a fan’s face, the other members have left, but onew came to her direction and apologize her asking if she was okay, he kept giving her worrying look but she said she’s okay. onew then nodded and say goodbye to her ;;;;
  • Jjong wanted to talk bad about minho, but doesn’t want to leave down any evidence, so he asked the fans who were recording to stop recording the audio.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Jjong said although taemin never drive him before, but because taemin is quite good in sports, and good in football too, so he should be good in driving too
  • when taemin was singing honesty, jjong said he like the song very much, fans said they like it very much too, jjong then said he is the one who wrote the lyrics
  • Taemin will feel hungry once he woke up in the morning, so he will eat his breakfast 1st before washing his face and brushing his teeth, and the timing when taemin woke up is the same as the timing key finished preparing the food.
  • Jjong was afraid the question paper will be wet, so he put it near taemin’s butts, but accidentally poked taemin’s butt, taemin was shocked ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Taemin threw the question papers on the floor after the finish reading them, threw around 7 papers
  • Key said his clothing style during juliette era was very gorgeous, looking back to the pictures that time, he also can’t understand how he can go out by dressing up in that way, feel a bit embarrassed now.. Taemin “I think it’s not strange” Key was happy and asked “really?” taemin “but don’t really look good”
  • other members said minho was a normal person during pre-debut time, because other members played crazily like abnormal people
    talking about minho’s good points, he is very pure, polite and is an upright man.. XDDDD
  • Minho likes to take care of the people around him, he will feel satisfy by doing so, although he is young, but he is like a father
  • about 1st impression on minho, they said minho was young that time, so his body size was not that big that time, but his eyes were as big as now, his eyes are too big, so looked like an alien
  • when asking present from minho, minho will say “depends on your performance”, Taemin “haiz, hyung doesn’t want to give me present” Minho “you… then I don’t want to give you anymore, I prepared it(the present) everyday”
  • But taemin can’t remember what minho gave him. There’s another member which will exchange present with minho. There’s also a member who gave minho underwears.. XD
  • Q: what will you think when looking into a mirror? Taemin: I will think of dancing when looking into the mirror
  • The peach crush cocktail that Jonghyun likes to drink was trending in Japan;;
    Jonghyun said his fringe isn’t fake clip ons and dusted his head LOL cause fans kept saying he’s wearing fake fringe like the Sherlock shoot
  • Jonghyun took off his hat when he bowed hello and took it off again when he bowed goodbye. Well mannered kid. ^^
  • SHINee said they were gonna talk badly behind Minho’s back but ended up only saying compliments LOL
  • Apparently Jonghyun was like scanning the fans at the bday party from the stage with his puppy eyes.. lol… Who are you looking for?
  • SHINee said their new haircuts are not for the album. My wishful thinking: Can I assume maybe for your guest roles in To The Beautiful You/For You In Full Blossom?
  • After the Party: Jjong stood there & stone for like 5 min

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Translation by: yenn_yy, eimanjjong, hanatwothree_
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[PICTURE] Bae Suzy (Miss A) and Kang Jiyoung (KARA) Invincible Youth 2 Photo

[PICTURE] Bae Suzy and Kang Jiyoung Invincible Youth 2 Photo
[PICTURE] Bae Suzy and Kang Jiyoung Invincible Youth 2 Photo

credit: @fymissa
 Jia Miss A focused at “Hallyu Star Music Journey Concert in Beijing 2012"

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[VIDEO] miss A Suzy, Baek Sung Hyun at Vivid Information Cut

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[CF] 120717 Suzy - “Sudden Attack (서든어택)” Commercial Video

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[PICTURE] EXO-K Sehun at Nonghyup Card Concert Photo Download
 July 14, 2012


Billionaire (3P)
Automatically (5P)
Canis Majoris (3P)

Say!Hun (4P)
Star EXO (4P)
Hidden Track (3P)
Hyper Beat (31P)
Dear My Deer (5P)
Spring Boy (6P)
Iridescent Boy (7P)
Dear Ma Blossom (1P)
EXO-E (1P)
S E H U N A (1P)
Suho Type! (1P)
EXO-planet (1P)
Outback120408 (1P)
OH!Boy (1P)
EXO Doing (1P)

Download full 80 Photo of Sehun at Nonghyup Concert (50.99 MB) here:

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[PICTURE] 12.07.17 EXO-K For Instyle Photoshoot
July 17, 2012
[PICTURE] 12.07.17 EXO-K For Instyle Photoshoot
[PICTURE] 12.07.17 EXO-K For Instyle Photoshoot

credit: @instyle
[PICTURE] EXO M at Beijing Airport Photo Download
July 15, 2012

[PICTURE] EXO M at Beijing Airport Photo Download
[PICTURE] EXO M at Beijing Airport Photo Download

Download 65 Photo of EXO-M at Beijing Airport 
Link :
Source compilation :

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