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[Fanart] Precious JongKey piggy back moment @ Japan Arena Tour

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 120619 Onew at the Taoyuan airport heading back to Korea

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120619 Taemin at the Taoyuan airport heading back to Korea

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120619 Jonghyun at the Taoyuan airport heading back to Korea

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120619 Key at the Taoyuan airport heading back to Korea

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SHINee World Concert II setting seat in Korea
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[Translations] SHINee’s Jonghyun was mentioned by CN Blue’s Jonghyun in Elle Girl July 2012 Issue


Elle Girl: Very close with same age singer SHINee’s Jonghyun right? We saw the recent Diablo 3 incident on twitter. Haha~
Jonghyun: Ah, I’m really. (Not sure if the memory of the incident causes him to burst out into laughter and used his hand to support his forehead.) My manager contacted me the day before my birthday and told me Jonghyun tweeted something which was very funny. So I called Jonghyun and he said he has already gotten me “Diablo 3” because it’s my birthday and will pass it to me tomorrow. I thought it’s for real and even thanked him and told him been very busy recently and have stopped gaming recently in order not to interfere with work. You even got me one as a gift, what should I do. In the end, when I opened it, it turned out to be glutinous rice pie. (Elle Girl: The inside of the wrapper is Jonghyun’s poster right?) Yes. I questioned him whether he’s joking with me and crushed the wrapper and found out in the end it’s his poster. However he said he really bought it and gave it to me via online purchase.
Elle Girl: Are you guys close because you have the same name?
Jonghyun: Come to think of it, that is indeed the main reason. However, I found out later that he’s a friend of my friend. We have indeed bumped into each other during schedules but not really close. Then my friend called and asked whether we are close. I feared that the cat will be out of the bag if I replied we are close so I replied “Not very close”. Jonghyun called immediately, “Yah, we are not close?” I said, “Oh, we are close.” Then he replied, “No, we are not close at all.” A really interesting and funny friend whom likes to joke around, always singing earnestly right. We became close when we chatted about music because he was in a band before.
Chinese translation: yoyoyuan, English translation: eimanjjong
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SHINee's First Call-out Experience; Revealed that the Asian Artiste that they would want to collaborate the most is Show Luo 
(HITFM News : Original Article - http://nagoo.info/tv/?p=3982

English Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 
※ Emphasis is mine. Highlighted the interesting parts that were not mentioned yesterday during the radio show 


SHINee "Summer Call Call Fun" First Call-out Experience, eating dumplings, receiving fragrant bags to celebrate Duan Wu/ Dumpling / Dragon Boat festival in advance. Currently, (they have revealed that) the Asian Artist that they would want to collaborate the most is.... 「Asia Dancing King - Show Luo」 

For this summer, let us experience charismatic idol SHINee's limitless youthfulness! Korean Contemporary Popular Idol Group SHINee, visited Taiwan to participate 【SMTown LIVE WORLD TOUR Ⅲ in TAIWAN】concert previously. For this weekend, they have once again visited Taiwan to meet with their fans. All exclusive notice will be broadcasted on 「I Just want to Listen to Music - Hit Fm Live Radio」! During HIT FM Live Radio 「HIT DJ」 broadcasted at 5PM yesterday (6/17-Sun), SHINee appeared on the radio for 1 hour to conduct an interview with DJ Ah Juan. The climax of the program was (the segment) where SHINee made Call-outs to 3 lucky listeners out of the 4000 over voicemails (received). Even though Minho is unable to attend (this radio show) due to his work, Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun and Key experienced their first call-out to the audience; showcased good teamwork to bring an hour of joy to everyone. "(We) are happy that (we) are able to have a closer interaction with our fans. We hope there will will be more opportunities for us to participate in such programs"! 

SHINee recorded the program in a relaxed/comfortable manner. Taemin and Key danced and moved to the music even though it was a Live Recording Show. Jonghyun, Taemin and Key kept joking around by playing thumb-fights! Jonghyun's eyes were not in good condition, so whenever there was a break during interviews, he kept rubbing his eyes - He will even remove his contact lens and hold onto them with his mouth before placing back on. Because of this "Urgent Summer Notice", HitFM labelled SHINee as 「hito K POPStar」 - (HitFM) will be perpetually promoting/intoducing SHINee's new Korean Mini-Album "Sherlock" on air in Mandarin from 6/18 - 6/22; the exclusive interview 「hito Special」 will also be broadcasted during 6/25 -6/29 (Monday to Friday 7-9PM). We welcome SHINee World to listen during these time slots. 

In addition, even though Korea has (their own version of) Duanwu / Dumpling / Dragon Boat festival (S/N : Chuseok Festival for Korea), they do not practice the Chinese Tradition of eating dumplings as well as hanging fragrant bags. Hence HitFM has specially prepared dumplings for SHINee, (to) wish them good sales for their new album "Sherlock" as well as the best of luck in everything they do. Moreover Hitfm has given them a packet of fragrant bag each to ward off illnesses and wish (them to be able to receive) constant good luck. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" - When they were having their photos taken, SHINee adhered to Taiwanese culture. When the Cameraman shouted 「西瓜甜不甜」 "Is the watermelon sweet?" (S/N : Taiwanese version of "Say Cheese!" when taking photos), the four of them shouted "Sweet!" - really amicable/ friendly! 

During the Call-Out session, fans asked "For the new dormitory arrangement, was there any interesting events that happened between roommates?" Jonghyun said "I am sharing a room with Taemin together, not really sure if anyone snores. Minho, Onew and Key has in their own individual rooms. Most of our time is spent in the living room to watch TV and play video games.". Other questions posed by fans are "What superpower do you desire the most?" Onew "I wish I can absorb information really fast" Key "Even though I am afraid of heights, but I wish I can fly like Superman in the air. I just personally feel that being able to fly is fun" Jonghyun "If I can teleport, I can perform in various venues really quickly" Taemin " I hope I know what the other person is thinking, because I would want to know their secrets" DJ Ah Juan then asked him "What if the fan says she likes Taemin but she is thinking of Onew in her heart?" Witty Taemin then replied "I will make sure that she will pick me, before I will ask". Fans also asked SHINee "What would you like to be if you are not celebrities?" Taemin expressed that he want to live the life of a University Student, to participate in many social groups; Key plans to migrate to England for overseas studies and learn to be a Rocker. Onew and Jonghyun probably misunderstood the question as "What will you be doing in Korea at this time?" Their respective answers were "I will be eating rice right now" and "I will shop around Myeongdong with my friends" (S/N : I think it was an Onew sangtae reply but the DJ did not realise it ^^ and Jonghyun was probably saying that he would be living an ordinary life to hang out with his friends at Myeongdong.). 

The DJ also asked the 4 of them "Taiwan is currently experiencing earthquake/aftershocks. How do you all feel about it?" Taemin gave a funny/interesting response "As we have experienced it (earthquakes) in Japan before, I am actually a little happy/excited experiencing it again in Taipei! Reason being that the hotel we are staying is a really tall (building), (i think) it is really fun to be swaying around" The rest of the 3 members expressed that they were too fatigue after work and have fallen asleep without feeling anything. 

Coming to Taiwan often, SHINee's Chinese vocabulary has increased. Taemin said that "I still remember the Chinese I learnt during my Trainee days, just that I don't have time (now) to study more." Other than being able to introduce themselves (in Chinese), Key who is proficient with food names named a few : Bubble Milk Tea, Pearls (Tapioca Ball), Beef Noodles, Steamed Meat Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao). Taemin even revealed that he is able to eat 3 steamers of Steamed meat dumplings! As one of the staff members has undergone plastic surgery, Key specially learnt (the phrase) "He has undergone plastic surgery" in Chinese; and even spoke it in 3 other languages - Korean, Japanese and English - showcasing his gift for languages. SHINee has been Shining across the whole world, they have many die-hard fans all around the world supporting them enthusiastically and SHINee feels that Taiwanese fans are extremely enthusiastic/ supportive. They even said that will visit Taiwan frequently if there are opportunities. In addition they revealed that they would want to collaborate with Asia's Dancing King Show Luo. Key explained "Because we have attended his TV Program in the past and even performed his songs before so we are more familiar with him." At the end, SHINee expressed that thy are quite happy to be able to attend Hit FM to interact with fans; and anticipate that there will be other opportunities for them to attend Hit FM again.
120618 SHINee on Taiwan TV


Watch the original audio clip here | Uploader : saiyougu | Shared by : anju

00:45 Greetings 
(Greetings in Chinese)
O : Hello everyone I am Onew
K : Hello everyone I am Key
T : Hello everyone I am Taemin
J : Hello everyone I am Jonghyun
SHINee : We are SHINee!

DJ : It feels really happy. Our HIT FM first live show is dedicated to SHINee
SHINee : Really? (In Chinese)
DJ : Yes this is the first time. So we are going to ask SHINee regarding SMTOWN's concert held last week and this week's fan-meeting event. Fans are really enthusiastic. What do (you all) think about your immense popularity and enthusiastic support from the fans?
Onew : Good! (In Chinese)
Key : (Translator) They (SHINee) have come to Taiwan several times and are really happy whenever they come to visit Taiwan because everyone welcomes and greets them enthusiastically. Just like how the fans worked hard to support their performance yesterday; and cheered for them, so they were really happy.

02:35 Introducing Sherlock

DJ : I can see that Key is really happy, starting to play around in the recording studio. Trying to sing into the microphone. Why not let SHINee introduce the background music, (their) latest and great song for us? (S/N : BGM = Sherlock)
Jonghyun : (Translator) Sherlock is a song from their(SHINee) 4th mini album - an amalgamation of 2 songs "Clue" and "Note". They hope that many people can listen to it and watch their MV. 
DJ : Let's hope we are able find some crime scene evidence in the song - *Sherlock is played*

07:00 Key's new Chinese vocabulary
DJ : That was a really energising song by SHINee, Sherlock! Today we have 4 cute boys in our recording studio to host our HIT live dj session, (the atmosphere) feels really happy here. I would want to ask SHINee how is their Chinese progressing, has it improved much?
Jonghyun : (Translator) Because Key is really interested in food vocabulary today, so let's allow Key to showcase (what he has learnt)
Key : $%^&%$%^&*
DJ : What did he just say? ^^;;;
Translator : "He had double eyelid surgery"
DJ : Haha!! I would like to know why Key would want to learn such expression?
Key : (Translator) Because one of the staff members has undergone double eyelid surgery. (Key "Hur hur hur hur" XD)
Key : "He had double eyelid surgery"
Translator : Just this expression, he knows how to speak it in 4 different languages.
DJ : He is able to express this in 4 languages? Can he show it to us?
Key : ("He had double eyelid surgery" In Japan, English, Chinese, Korean)

Key's Laughter + Introducing SMTOWN finale song
DJ : Somebody requested on the chatroom that they want to hear Key's exclusive laughter
Key : HAHAHAHHA (high pitch laughter)
Onew : hahahaha!
Taemin : It's like musical
Key : This is so interesting
DJ : So I hope those fans who are listening to this radio show are able to hear Key's cute laughter
Key : Good/Okay! (in Chinese)
DJ : Thank you! So we will now welcome Onew to introduce last week's ending/finale song SMTOWN concert.
Onew : That song was sung by HOT sunbaenim. It is called "Hope"
DJ : It is this song
Key : "It is this song"
(S/N : "Hope" starts playing + Advertisements)15:20 Taemin's Long Hair for Sherlock
DJ : It is now 5:15PM, welcome to HIT FM, I am Boli DJ, SHINee is accompanying everyone for Live HIT DJ
Onew : I am Onew (In Chinese)
SHINee : hahahaha
Key : I am Key
Taemin : I am! Taemin!
Jonghyun : I am Jonghyun
DJ : Ah they are greeting everyone again, trying to prove that they are really doing (alive) a LIVE show. From what I have heard just now, Taemin's voice has matured/ grown deeper, I hope Taemin can speak up more. So I would want to ask (Taemin) - your hairstyle have grown longer for this album's concept. Do you personally like having long hair?
Taemin : Oh.. eh. not that bad.
DJ : So how do the rest of the 3 members feel about his new hairstyle
Key : (Translator) Since Taemin used to have this hairstyle before (for Lucifer) so it's not as bad, but he is unable to fully accept it.
DJ : Oh I understand..maybe (they) have to take some time to get used to it. But I feel that Taemin's adventurous spirit (to try out new styles), to give fans a fresh outlook is worth commending. 

17:05 Picking a member to do Aegyo

DJ : Just now some fans said that they wanted to hear the 4 big boys do greetings using aegyo. I'm not sure if (they) can do it.
Translator : They are now finding a representative (SHINee doing rock, paper scissors)
DJ : Oh Key lost, so he has to do aegyo
Key : "I love all of you, I am Key~~!" (S/N : In Mandarin, in a high pitched aegyo voice XD)
DJ : hahaha! Thank you Key. You've worked hard

17:43 Jonghyun discusses about their upcoming new album

DJ : As mentioned, many fans are worried/concerned as to how much has their upcoming/new album progressed? Would you please share?
Jonghyun : (Translator) Actually they are preparing and producing for their new album in the midst of all their activities. If their album has been more or less completed, they will quickly bring their album along with them and meet everyone.
DJ : So we hope all the fans are able to wait patiently. And we also wish that SHINee is able to treat Taiwan as their home too, able to visit and meet us more often. So for this album, would Taemin care to introduce the next song?
Taemin : (Translator) The next song is SHINee's Stranger.
DJ : Let's have a listen (to this song)!

20:30 SHINee New Dorm Arrangement

DJ : As you are listening to the song, please do not forget that SHINee are going to make call outs to Taiwan's lucky fans! I have to say that SHINee's popularity is really intimidating - there are over 2000 voicemails!!
Onew : WAH!
DJ : So we are going to pick 3 lucky fans. We will be making the first call out to the first lucky fan - so please remember your manners. Phone ettiquete is really important. After getting through, we will pass the phone to SHINee. SHINee are you ready to (make) call outs?
SHINee : Yes
DJ : Is this SHINee's first experience making call outs in Taiwan?
SHINee : Yes
DJ : So I would like to ask what would Jonghyun like to say to the fan.. (S/N : Phone call got through!)

DJ : Hello, how are you! This is Hit FM. You are/ Your name is..?
Fan : Huihui
DJ : Please answer the secret password 
Fan : *screams*
DJ : So we will let SHINee talk to Hui Hui
SHINee : "Hello everyone, we are SHINee" (In Mandarin)
Fan : Annyonghaseyo
DJ : Are you very excited?
Fan : Mmhm!
DJ : Huihui is so excited that she is speechless! I would like to ask where is Hui Hui currently at?
Fan : I am currently at the Cinema. 
SHINee : oooohh!
Fan : I am watching I.AM.
SHINee : wahhhhh! Are you in the cinema house (currently)?
Taemin : Then you are still able to take phone calls in the cinema? *surprised*
Fan : I love to call
SHINee : AHHHHH. It's a pity..(that we interrupted her and she is unable concentrate on the movie)
DJ : It's okay, she can watch a second time
Fan : Haha.. (It's okay) I've watched it twice already!
Onew : WAAAH!
DJ : So I would like to ask Huihui is there any question you would like to ask SHINee?
Fan : I would like to ask them their latest sleeping quarters arrangement (in their dorm)? And has there anything interesting that happened in the dorm?
Jonghyun : (Translator) They (SHINee) watch the TV, play games etc (in their dorms) - it is just really interesting/fun everyday.
Fan : So who are roommates? Who are sharing rooms currently?
Jonghyun : (Translator) Jonghyun and Taemin are (sharing a room) together. Key and Minho are separated, Onew too - having their individual rooms.
DJ : So I would like to ask if there are any interesting things that have happened between Jonghyun and Taemin?
Taemin : None
Taemin : (Translator) There...there's none actually..nothing special because they spent most of their time in the living room.
DJ : So Taemin will not *snore* when he sleeps?
Translator : Will not snore most of the time.. but will probably (snore) when (he is/they are) really tired.
DJ : Probably he is in deep sleep so he is unaware. So Huihui, is there anything you would like to wish SHINee?
Fan : Recently.. You've all worked hard because of the Japan Arena tour.. The Japan Arena Tour concerts are really amazing/astoning! I would like to thank you all for able to take some time to visit Taiwan. Really thankful. And would like to reassure SHINee. And... can I add another sentence? Haha
DJ : Time is running out~
Fan : Kibum Oppa Saranghaeyo!!
Key : Saranghaeyo!
Fan : Taemin Oppa Saranghae!!!!!
Taemin : Ah...Na-do Saranghaeyo! (I love you too)
DJ : Thank you Huihui. Thank you.
Fan : Thank you.. Bye bye
Onew : Me.. me.. 
(S/N : f(x) Electric Shock +advertisment)

29:50 SHINee's food recommendations in Taiwan

SHINee : Hello Everyone, We are SHINee!
DJ : Look at them.. they are really cute and have good chemistry/ team-work! After the sound, they immediately greeted "Hello everyone, We are Shinee!" SHINee, are you ready to make a call out to the second fan?
Onew : Neh, ready!
DJ : Get ready, we are making a call to the second fan~ Curious as to what the second fan would want to say to SHInee. It must be really nervous to talk to SHINee personally. OH? the phone number could not get through?! *redials* Oh? Cannot get through? So I would like to ask Onew coming to Taiwan for a really short and tight schedule, have you all tried any delicious cuisine?
Onew : (Translator) Yes, everytime we come (we) will drink Bubble Milk Tea.
DJ : So you have to drink milk tea everytime you visit (Taiwan). What about Taemin and Jonghyun? Have you tried any good food?
Taemin : For me, Xiaolongbao (S/N : Small steamed meat dumplings)
DJ : How many do you eat everytime?
Taemin : (DJ) Around 3 steamers.
DJ : Oh 3 steamers? That's really really amazing! 

31:38 Jonghyun talks about "Honesty"

DJ : So let us welcome Jonghyun introduce this song he wrote the lyrics for. Please share with us the process of writing for a song.
Jonghyun : (Translator) Since they frequently travel overseas. So while travelling, he thought of it and wrote it down.
DJ : So what message do you want to convey?
Jonghyun : Thankful towards fans.
(S/N : "Honesty" is broadcasted)

34:50 SHINee Super Powers

DJ : So that was Jonghyun's gentle voice. We are about to do a second call out. We hope we are able to make a successful call out this time round!
Jonghyun : "To call" (in Chinese)
DJ : Hello! This is HIT FM, I would like to know your name.
Fan : I am Maomao.
DJ : She is maomao. Do you want to say Hello to SHinee?
Onew : Maomao!
Fan : SHINee oppah saranghaeyo!
Jonghyun : Thankyou~
DJ : So is there anything you would want to ask SHINee? Are you excited being able to talk to them over the phone?
Fan : Super excited! I would like to ask if one day, you all had superpowers, what would you all like to do?
Jonghyun : Teleporter!
DJ : (Teleport) to where?
Jonghyun : (Translate) Because the time taken to travel overseas for performance is really time-consuming, so if he was able to teleport, he can meet the fans faster.
DJ : Wahh cool! Able to watch concert in Japan, concert in Taiwan in a split second! Teleporter Jonghyun! Cool Cool! So Taemin what superpowers would you like to have?
Taemin : (Translator) I would like to be able to know what other people is thinking about - mind-reader
DJ : Ahh.. mind reader! But if you are able to read people's mind.. wouldn't it be burdensome? because you will know all the secrets from the person?
Taemin : (Translator) That's exactly why.. He wants to know other people's secrets
DJ : Oh what if he ask that person.. for example Mao Mao, who she likes most. And she looks at Taemin and says "Taemin" but the person she likes is actually Onew, wouldn't he be really hurt?
Taemin : (Translator) He will (decide whether) to ask the questionafter reading her mind. If it is "Taemin" then he will ask, if not, he will not ask
DJ : HAHAHHA! That's really smart. Let's ask Key.
Key : (Translator) To be able to fly in the sky. 
DJ : Ability to fly? Fly to where?
Key : Uh..oh..uh.. (Translator) nowhere specific actually. He just thinks that it would be fun.
DJ : To enjoy flying. Good good good, thankyou! What about Onew?
Onew : (Translator) Able to absorb fast, understand (things quickly).
DJ : To become smart?
Onew : Right
DJ : What if you ate fried chicken, and absorb it quickly... you will become fat, how?
Onew : (The power should allow me) to digest quickly.
DJ : I would like to thank Qianqian.. is there anything you would like to say to SHINee? Oh wait.. sorry, it's Maomao, i'm so sorry!
Onew : "Sorry!" (in chinese)
DJ : Is there anything you would like to tell Shinee?
Fan : I would like to tell them that, in the midst of working hard, they have to take breaks and SHINee World will always be by their side / supporting them.
Taemin : Ah, thank you!
Onew : Thank you
SHINee : Xie xie ~ (thankyou)
Taemin, Key : byebye~
(S/N : Boa's "Hurricane" is broadcasted)

44:05 Doubting Key's Superpowers + Phone call to Onew + SHINee desired careers

DJ : Let's welcome SHINee once again! WOohooo!
SHINee : Woohoooooo!
DJ : So I would like to ask SHINee if this is the first time they have made call out in Taiwan?
SHINee : YEP!!
Onew : The first time!
DJ : So how does it feel, so far..
Jonghyun : (Translator) Really really happy, because they are able to close up the distance between the fans (and them)
DJ : It must feel really blissful... I would like to ask, someone mentioned that Key is afraid of heights (yet) he still would want to have flying superpowers.
Key : (Translator) He will fly at low heights
DJ : Fly at 90cm
Key : Ah. Yes.
Key : (Translator) That seems a bit to weak..to low..
DJ : But no matter what, I am really happy to be here with SHINee. and they are about to call out to the 3rd lucky fan. They will make the call now. Just now, somebody mentioned that they want to hear Onew's Donald Duck sound. Can he show it to us? *phone got though* Hello?
Taemin : Hello?
Fan : Hello? *her voice was quivering)
DJ : Are you excited?
Fan : I am very excited
Key : "I am Shinee" (in Chinese) Hello!
Fan : Hello!
DJ : So how should we address you?
Fan : I am QianQian!
Onew : QianQian~.. What were you doing (just now)? (S/N : The radio station could not get through her phone number just now)
Fan : I..I dont know why, but my phone could not get through...
DJ : Her phone has "died". Luckily, it has revived at the very last moment. So does Onew want to have a chat with the fan?
Onew : *Makes a Donald Duck sound suddenly!*
Everyone : Haha!
DJ : Haha he did it so suddenly! So what do you want to say
Onew : That was me talking just now.
DJ : HAHAHAHAHA XD (To the fan) Did you not understand what he just conveyed to you?
Fan : I..I.. couldn't get it.
Onew : Where were you just now
Fan : I was at home just now
Onew : You were at home but why couldnt your home phone line get through. I was worried we could not get through the phone line, so my heart ached a bit
Fan : I am really sad too
Onew : Ah it's great that we managed to get connected
DJ : This conversation feels as if it would only appear/happen between couples. "I miss you" "My heart aches"
Onew : Annyeong~ (S/N : His voice is so low and gentle)
Fan : No.... haha..
DJ : So I would like to ask QianQian if she has any question to pose to SHINee
Fan : If they are not idols, what occupation would they want to try out?
Taemin : Life of a University Student.. To participate in some Social Groups in University, and study really hard.
Onew : I'll probably be eating..at this moment
Jonghyun : Go out, and walk around Myeongdong, bustling areas with friends
DJ : Ah..just to reiterate, what occupation/career would you want to try out if you were not idols?
Key : Overseas student. 
DJ : In which country?
Key : England. 
DJ : To be a rocker?
Key : "Dui" (Yes)
DJ : So Qianqian do you have any words for SHINee?
Fan : I would like to tell SHINee that I'm thankful that they came to Taiwan 2 weeks consecutively, and how much they love Taiwanese fans, and (to tell them that) they have worked hard. And I really really really like them a lot - looking at how successful they are (right now), they are the main source of energy for me to attain my goals. I really really like them a lot.

50:30 SHINee's Ending Speeches 

DJ : Can we invite each and every member to say a few words to the fans?
Onew : It has been one week since we last came to Taiwan. I am really happy able to see so many fans. I hope there will be more opportunities to meet everyone.
Jonghyun : Really happy that I am able to meet everyone today. And hope that I am able to visit Taiwan frequently to meet everybody.
Taemin : Hope that I am able to showcase more performances for everyone the next time I meet up with everybody.
Key : Really happy today. Hope that there will be more opportunities in the future to have close interactions with fans. Thank you everyone.
SHINee : Zai jian~ (Bye~)