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[News] SHINee Ranks High As A Role Model For Cover Dances Worldwide, The Only Group Placing In Every Region’s Top Five Favorites
Dance groups from a total of fifty countries and six continents participated in this year’s worldwide ‘2012 K-POP Cover Dance Festival,’ hosted by the Visit Korea Committee and supported by a number of notable stars. 

“The contestants are evaluated through not only their song and choreography choice but also though their costumes, makeup, and style. The contestants who win the national championships will compete in Korea for the final round of competition, and have chances to meet select K-POP stars.” 

Out of 1350 dance groups, a total of 98 teams backed SHINee, placing SHINee in the coveted second place for the “role model of cover dances” title. They were only preceded by SNSD, with a total of 155 teams behind them. (An updated set of rankings on the competition’s website shows SHINee with a total of 99 teams and SNSD with a total of 156.) 

SHINee also ranked in the #1 spot in a chart of artists by country (seen below), placing first within the regions of North and South America, as well as second in Africa. 

Source/Credit: AsiaTodayCover Dance Festival | Article by: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net | 
120710 KEY New Hair at SBS You & I recording

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 120701 Key at Japan Arena Tour in Hiroshima #2

SBS Kpop Super Concert in America  on August 10th 2012


 120710 Minho at Idol Star Olympics

[Trans] Minho ran for the Hurdles segment and he got 1st the moment he run
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[Official] SM Artists at SMTOWN ‘I Am’ Movie Stage greetings

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120709 SHINee on MTV TAIWAN (JKPOP Craze) Part 1

120709 SHINee on MTV TAIWAN (JKPOP Craze) Part 2

120709 SHINee on MTV TAIWAN (JKPOP Craze) Part 3

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TVXQ, SHINee, BTOB, B2ST and BAP are the ‘Korean Big Five in Bangkok

Korean idol groups BTOB, BEAST, B.A.P, SHINee and TVXQ to go to Thailand for the ‘Korean Big Five in Bangkok.
Check out the information below.
Date: September 8, 2012
Venue: Aktiv Square, Muang Thong Thani
Ticket prices:
  • 6,000฿
  • 4,500฿
  • 3,500฿
  • 2,500฿
  • 1,000฿
Those who will purchase 6,000฿ and 4,500฿ will have a chance to meet and greet the artists.

(70 lucky fans who purchased 6,000฿ and 30 lucky fans who purchased 4,500฿ will be chosen randomly)

More informations for the Meet & Greet and Pre-sale can be found: [here]

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 SHINee official book “Sons Of The Sun” Unpublished Photos

Source : SHINee Baidu
[MV] Wonder Girls (feat Akon) "Like Money" Music Video

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[MV] T-ARA Day by Day Dance Version 

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