Saturday, July 21, 2012

[PICTURE] SNSD for HIGH CUT Magazine Volume 81 Full
Download all 40 High Quality Photos SNSD for High Cut Magazine volume 81 here:

[PICTURE] SNSD fro HIGH CUT Magazine Full

credit: @high cut, xioasone
[PICTURE] Adorable Yoona SNSD for EIDER Fashion
cute and beauty yoona promote EIDER Fashion.
want to download 4 photo here is the link :
[PICTURE] Adorable Yoona SNSD for EIDER Fashion
[PICTURE] Adorable Yoona SNSD for EIDER Fashion

credit: @EIDER, xiaaosone
[PICTURE] SNSD Tiffany for Ceci Magazine August 2012 Issue
download here for high quality picture, total 27 photo of Tiffany 
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credit: @ceci, xiaosone
[Trans] 120721 Onew and Jonghyun UFO 


[Onew] A time together with everyone! Shall we run?!
[Jonghyun] We’re standing on this stage for the first time in a while! Let’s scream loudly, jump up and down, and be crazy~! heh

Picture Source: @duubholic
Translations: kimchi hana @
[PICTURE] 120721 SHINee - ‘SHINee World II’ Concert Merchandise/Standees 

Merchandise Store

SHINee Cardboard Stands
Shawol Fanproject
Source/Credits: mybabyjjong, mashi1007, yumiee1425, real_ne, kpop_labo
Contains 4 individual pictures each, 4 group pictures with one being a poster

Source : DC
Source : Real Face
Source: 이일희 @ DCgal
Source: Mr. Minho, tong113
Trading Cards
Source/Credit: shobuyuki, jonghyukayuhyun, tong113, real_ne
Source/Credit: real_ne
Source/Credit: DC
Source: Real_Ne
Source: @jonghyukayuhyun
Source: Mr. Minho
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