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[Trans] 120815 Minho was mention in his cousin Gil Sung Hoon tweet

August 15. The first episode of For You In Full Blossom will finally air today. He couldn’t sleep at times and practiced hard and filmed. I hope everyone will love it a lot. Are you ready to fall deeply into it?? Watch it live tonight at 9:55PM!!!! Let’s fall into FYIFB 

He may look handsome and cool in all of your eyes but he’ll always look llike a young child to me~ And I keep thinking of him when he was younger. But I always get teary when seeing these dramas or music shows or concerts TTTT

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[Trans] 120815 Jonghyun twitter update at 11.22 pm kst 

Ah “For you in Full Blossom” first broadcast!! Minho-ya!! Handsome, For all the practice you did, it came out more handsome than that, you fellow!!! I’ll look forward to tomorrow too!! Of course, i didn’t watch the broadcast!!!

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[PICT/HQ] 120813 Minho at For You In Full Blossom Press Conference #3

[VID/Eng] For You In Full Blossom Special Trailer

[Trans] 120815 Onew twitter update at 4.44 pm kst 

Good to see you

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Translation : Forever_SHINee

[VIDEO] Taemin Interview and photo shoot for NYLON (Behind The Scene)

[NEWS] SHINee’s Jonghyun and Olympic Volleyball Player Kim Yeon Koung Become Friends

SHINee′s Jonghyun has made a new friend.

Jonghyun revealed his humorous encounter with Kim Yeon Koung on August 13 saying, “After our performance, Kim Yeon Koung approached me and asked to take a picture together but I was so taken aback I couldn’t talk straight and I wasn’t even able to take a picture with my phone. Kim Yeon Koung, if you see this please send me the picture too. And the reason I’m surprised right now is…”

Jonghyun then revealed a screen capture of Kim Yeon Koung’s profile with her 192cm height, listed on her profile, circled.

Jonghyun then jokingly wrote, “Tears are falling. The kind-hearted Kim Yeon Koung even bent her knees [for the picture],” showing his mild embarrassment over the height difference.

Soon after, Kim Yeon Koung was seen responding saying, “Hello. It’s Kim Yeon Koung. My fans told me to take a look at your Tweet so I came here and am leaving this message.”

Jonghyun couldn’t contain his excitement as he replied, “Being tweeted by Yeon Koung noona. Could you please send the picture showing our 20cm difference?”

Kim Yeon Koung then wrote, “Hello SHINee Jonghyun. I was so happy to see you today and next time let’s go watch volleyball together. Keep your promise,” and revealed the picture taken together.

Standing at 192cm, Kim Yeon Koung was seen towering over Kim Jonghyun in the picture as both smiled for the camera.

Posted Image

Jonghyun then said, “Thank you for the picture. Continue to work hard. I now have an athlete friend. Haha.”
But Kim Yeon Koung joking replied, “Hey. I’m not your friend. I’m your noona.”
The ever-witty Jonghyun quickly backtracked and finished the conversation with a short tweet, writing, “Yes noona. Please sleep well. *Bow*.”

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20120813 A-PORT 12+ Miracle Day :: TIFFANY & SIWON

20120812 A-PORT 12+ Press Conference :: TIFFANY & SIWON




[PICTURE] Yuri Cover Ceci Magazine for September Issue
120814 Yuri @ Ceci Magazine for September Issue:
[PICTURE] Yuri Cover Ceci Magazine for September Issue
[PICTURE] Yuri Cover Ceci Magazine for September Issue

 Credits: | @soshiheart9

SNSD | Biggest Influence Entertainment Star 2012
2012 Sisa Journal Biggest Influence Entertainment Star - SNSD:
SNSD is in Sisa Journal this week. They topped the most influential artist of 2012.

This Sisa Journal Biggest Rank is made every year for all the entertainment stars in Korea from drama to music. For idols, it is very hard to get in this rank. Only 3 idols made it in this ranking in history:

H.O.T. got #5 position in 1999 and  2000, and then g.o.d got #10 position in 2002
Then in 2009 and 2010, SNSD got #6 position and in 2011, SNSD is the first idol to get the position.
2011 positions:
1. SNSD 18.2%
2. Yoo Jae-Seok 14.2%
3. Kang Ho-dong 13.6%

Then on 14 August 2012, 2012's percentage was announced.
2012 positions:
1. SNSD 26.2%  (Sisa Journal article title : Brute Strong SNSD, Exciting Wind Monopoly Shidae)
Yoo Jae-Seok  21%
3. Park Jin-Young 10.1%
SNSD #44 Powerful, Influential Generation at Sisa Journal 2012, V.1191
picture credit: link, article credit: Jameko and wooritae || @changtaeyulna

[PICTURE] SNSD Dolls in Hanryu Star Exhibition Tokyo
[PICTURES] 120813 Girls' Generation Dolls in Hanryu Star Exhibition in Tokyo:

full credits go to maruyoona || @changtaeyulna

[VIDEO] Baby-G & SNSD WINK Campaign
Baby-G & SNSD(소녀시대) WINK Campaign


[PICTURE] SNSD Selca Photo | SM.ART Exhibition
[Fantaken] 120813 SNSD's Selca Pictures @ SM.ART Exhibition:
 Click on the picture to enlarge!

SNSD Selca Photo | SM.ART Exhibition
SNSD Selca Photo | SM.ART Exhibition


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Download SNSD  Casio "BABY G" Official Pictures
120814 SNSD @ Casio BabyG Official Pictures + Download:
Download SNSD  Casio "BABY G" Official Pictures
Download SNSD  Casio "BABY G" Official Pictures




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