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[VIDEO] English ShinHwa Broadcast Episode 14 with SHINee Download
Part 1, next part will be update

120616 Taemin at Taoyuan airport 

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120616 Minho at Taoyuan airport

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120616 Jonghyun at Taoyuan airport 

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120616 Onew at Taoyuan airport 

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120616 Key at Taoyuan airport 

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 120616 SHINee at Taiwan Etude Event #2

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120616 SHINee at Taiwan Etude Event 

120616 SHINee interview  at Taiwan Etude Fan Meeting #1

120616 SHINee at Taiwan Etude Fan Meeting Press Conference

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English Translation : soundtracklove@soompi 

It has been raining heavily today in Taipei. The press arrived at the venue and waited for a while before rushing to seek shelter beneath a tent. Furthermore, the organiser gave an impromptu instruction to direct all the media reporters to the 6th floor for the interview session. The fans were told of this last minute cancellation by the organiser through the PA system - Hence they were unable to meet SHINee (S/N : for the press conference). 


Due to the bad weather in Taiwan today, SHINee appeared 50 minutes late. Press conference has also been pushed back to commence at 5:37pm in the afternoon. Due to unclear instructions, the entire scene was in a chaos. The press waited more than half an hour, many of them carrying really heavy camera equipments to the venue, which resulted many of them having really bad mood. The entire press conference lasted less than 20minutes and was hastily concluded within such a short time frame. Let’s take a look at today’s press conference interview : 

SHINee started the event by holding onto their endorsed products to allow the media to take snapshots of them. After the photo-taking session, it was time for them to create celebritiy hand-print moulds. While they were trying to cast their moulds, Jonghyun happily used his might to press into the mould, so that his hand could be clearly imprinted on the board. After that, SHINee signed their names on the signature boards, holding it up with their hand-print moulds to have their photos taken. After the hand-print ceremony has ended, the actual press conference interview session began. 

Before the QnA session began, SHINee greeted all the press and media outlets in Chinese “Hello Everyone, We are SHINee”. SHINee’s Chinese is pretty accurate! 

Q : What is SHINee’s usual routine to avoid sun and have beautiful white skin?
Jonghyun : Basically, drinking lots of water is the most important. However Etude House’s new product Sun BB is really helpful too. 

Q : What about other members? Do you all carry out the same method?
Jonghyun : All the members really like using Etude House products - They love to use it as reguarly like how we wash our face everyday with water! 

Q : Everyone’s figure is not bad, and (your figure) must have been maintained by exercise. What is everyone’s favourite exercise?
Minho : We all love to exercise, and will visit the gym too. 


Q : So what kind of exercises do you all do at the gym?
M : Around one hour. (Due to translation mistakes, the question has not been answered accurately) 

Q : Has there been any interesting events that happened during the latest Olympic-themed campaign? Who is the “NG King”? (S/N : The member who makes the most mistakes)
O : I remember that when we were filming for this particular advertisement, the most vivid memory would be that the flags did not fly according to the direction we wanted - it was really hard to control. 

Q : So who was the “NG King” (S/N : The member who makes the most mistakes)
O : (That would be) Me…. 

Q : So what “NG”/mistake was that?
O : Since the lines were very long, so I had trouble memorising them. 

The last question directed to SHINee was to let them share their most favourite product that they would like to recommend. Jonghyun loves Sun BB the most, while Minho and Taemin both love the Baking Powder series of product. 


Even though the questions (asked) during the press conference were really advertisement-like, which was probably according to the way how the organiser has planned it, SHINee still conscientiously answered each and every question. After the questions have all been asked, SHINee waved and greeted and was led down the stage. No reporters managed to take a photo of their bow before they left. The event has been hastily concluded which left many press and media dumbfounded and stunned. There were even some cameraman who started shouting (out of unhappiness) - verbally voicing out their unhappiness while trying to pack up their equipments. Afterwards, the media and press were hurriedly chased out of the venue by the staff members as SHINee has to start their rehearsel soon… 


Within the short 2 hours, we hope SHINee’s rehearsel has went on smoothly and will bring an interesting performance for the fans at night! 

Source : KPOPN | Live Reporter:Kpopn 的 D.W | Live Photographer:Kpopn 的 Jaywel、YaGu | English Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

[EXO GIF] EXO-K D.O Cute Act on the Stage



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[JJ Project GIF] Jaebum "What's Wrong with you!?"
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[SNSD GIF] Beautiful Restriction :)