Monday, October 1, 2012

[Trans] 120928 Japan Mobile Site Update - SHINee Blog「Dazzling Girl」 

Hello everyone on fansite.
The day before yesterday, SHINee’s new single 「Dazzling Girl」 music video (short version) has been released, and have all of you watched it?
Dazzling Girl ~ Dazzling Girl ~ 
(Ai)! (Ai)! (Ai)! 
This phrase and dance has been stuck in your brain right!? (laugh)
Today, continuing from the previous time, I am going to introduce one SET portion of the 「Dazzling Girl」 music video.
This set has a 360degree? Mirror (angle) which only the person (himself) can be in it.
The space which the front camera len can film is small so it was a little warm being within it. (sweat)
Even within such condition, we must film (the set) perfectly without fail, then again, it was fun looking at the various angles of ourselves reflecting (through those mirrors) when the camera is not filming! (laugh)

Source: SM Ent. Japan Inc
Credits: Minoutshine
Japanese-English Translations: Forever_SHINee