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[TIDBIT] SHINee Takes Photo With Famous Chinese Artist Michael Lau

Artist : Michael Lau, 刘建文 (Liu Jian Wen) 

S.M.ENTERTAINMENT will be holding ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION (에스.엠.아트 엑시비션), a contents IT exhibition. 

‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION’ will be held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from August 10th to 19th. The exhibition is a combination of SM’s premium contents and the most advanced digital contents. S.M.ENTERTAINMENT and global businesses have collaborated together to present the world’s first interactive entertainment exhibition. 

One of the participating artist, world Famous artist Michael Lau will be taking part in this art exhibition in which “TVXQ and SHINee” will be the subject matter for his artworks. 

Source : Ivat (SHINee Baidu Bar), Shakizi, smtown FB | Info Compilation + photo reupload : soundtracklove@soompi
[Trans] 120707 Japan mobile site SHINee’s messages to all fans


Jonghyun: (To) all our fans, thank you so much. It was a really enjoyable tour. (Certainly) we were able to meet everyone, it was (also) a valuable time (period) to be able to experience the Japanese’s culture. We will work hard to show (all of you) a more grown up (SHINee). Let’s meet again (soon). %pA

Key: Thank you so much for those who came to the concert to see us. Those who could not come this time, shall we meet the next time!? We will work hard to show (all of you) a more grown up (SHINee)’s stage. Everyone, let’s meet again (soon). Bye~ Buu~in! (^__-)-☆

Onew: (We have) completed the tour. It was long 20 performances (tour), (and) we have made much memories. Everyone felt the same way too right!? (o^__^o) The concert performances were able to end smoothly under everyone’s huge cheerings & support. We are always very grateful for that. (o^__^o) Please also (continue) to look forward to our (SHINee)’s activities from now on.

Minho: There were 20 times of meetings and partings. It was a long period of time if you said it was long, but to me it felt really short. What is left was the unforgettable memories from these 20 precious meetings (o^__^o) We felt really grateful, (and) we wish for another time for such experience to happen again. The fans who has been giving us the warm support, and all the staff, and all the members! Thank you so much. Let’s meet again (soon). (o^__^o)

Taemin: Everyone, the 20 rounds of performances’ Arena Tour felt really like a dream. My heart will beat really fast just by thinking of the time which we will be spending together from now on. Let’s spend a more enjoyable time next time. Everyone in Japan!! I love you~

Source: SM Ent. Japan Inc

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 120702 JongKey at KPOP Nation in Macau 

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[News] Maypole to Recruit Models to Film Advertisements with SHINee

The casual brand, Maypole, will be recruiting an advertising model (until July 15th) to shoot with SHINee.
Any women over 20 and under 25 will be able to join after receiving the application on the homepage ( Then, it will be submitted through this specified e-mail (

The selected model will be given the exclusive opportunity to serve as a model with SHINee in the Maypole Autumn and Winter 2012 photo shoot.

Source: FNN
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[MV] Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single [English /Roman /Hangul Lyric]
Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single MV [English /Roman /Hangul Lyric Subs] HD

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 [MV] T-ara – Day by Day (English /Roman /Hangul Lyric) Download
T-ara – Day by Day MV [English /Roman /Hangul Lyric Subs] HD

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[MV] Younha – Run Music Video Download
Younha – Run MV [English /Roman /Hangul Lyric Subs] HD

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[MV] ZE:A – Aftermath Music Video Download
ZE:A – Aftermath (후유증) MV [English /Roman /Hangul Lyric Subs] HD

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[MV] Kim Jin Pyo Ft. G.NA – Sorry for being sorry Download
Kim Jin Pyo Ft. G.NA – Sorry for being sorry MV [English /Roman /Hangul Lyric Subs] HD

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[MV] Bohemian – There’s no sun Music Video Download
Bohemian – There’s no sun MV [English /Roman /Hangul Lyric Subs] HD

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[PHOTO] SNSD Filming CF for LG 3D Smart TV
[PHOTO] SNSD Filming CF for LG 3D Smart TV
[PHOTO] SNSD Filming CF for LG 3D Smart TV

credit: @ones1112
[PHOTO] SNSD "Girl de Provence" Perfume Picture from WKorea

[PHOTO] SNSD Girl de Provence Perfume Picture from WKorea
[PHOTO] SNSD Girl de Provence Perfume Picture from WKorea

credit: @as tagged, wkorea
Suzy and Sunny Invincible Youth 2 Ep 31 Official BTS Pictures

credit: @official photo KBS2 TV

The Reasen Why Sunny is Leaving ‘Invincible Youth 2′

An SM Entertainment representative has revealed, “Sunny is leaving KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth 2′.”
Sunny already filmed her final episode last month, which will air on July 7th, ending Sunny’s eight months on “Invincible Youth 2″.

Sunny’s representative explained, “Originally Sunny was also in season one, so because of that, even before season two started, discussion with the production crew was already made for her to leave naturally when the program became stable.” The representative added that with “new MC Lee Youngja entering the show and the reorganization, it seemed like the right time to take the opportunity and leave the show now.” Furthermore, the representative stated about Sunny’s future schedules, ”For the time being, it is planned she will only do Girls’ Generation activities. No individual schedule has been decided yet.”

The PD for “Invincible Youth 2″ said about Sunny leaving, “Because of Sunny’s musical or her Japan activites and her individual schedule, it was a situation where she was very tired and would arrive like this.” He added, “For her other schedules, she is leaving ‘Invincible Youth 2′.” He also said, “Hyoyeon will still be staying. There will be no new different members coming in. It will stick with G5, and Lee Youngja will be coming in as an MC.”
For Sunny’s final episode, even though there wasn’t any special event, the members who knew it was her last broadcast cried along with Sunny. Since October 2009, Sunny has received love by showing a down to earth and firm image in her first broadcast of “Invincible Youth” season one, as well as into season two.

credit: @Newsen, TV Report, TV Daily , KBS
Written by: MoonSoshi9@soshified
[PICTURE] Yuri Mamonde Commercial Photo
July 6, 2012

credit: @mygirlgeneration
[PICTURE] SNSD Yuri for Bazaar Magazine (KAKAOTALK)

[PICTURE] SNSD Yuri for Bazaar Magazine (KAKAOTALK)
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