Thursday, August 23, 2012

[SCAN/Trans] 120822 Kan Fun (News Article)

Complete combustion without losing the heat wave! 
5 person complete, presented Mezamashi Live!

Main points of the articles:

Minho who is responsible for the main role in the drama “Hanazakari no kimitachi e (Full You In Full Blossom)” which has started broadcasting in Korea, has also came to attend, a powerful performance was unfolded.

Jonghyun called out (to the fans/audience), “Summer has already passed by a bit. Please enjoy yourselves so that you will not regret.”

Taemin asked (fans/audience) , “Please continue to watch over SHINee (for a long time).”

Onew announced, “A new single will be released (for sale), so please look forward for it!”

Jonghyun even teased (fans/audience) saying, “The set list for today is amazing. I am wet throughout with sweat. I do not want to let everyone see (me) like this, It is embarassing!!

Scan Credit: SweetRing
English Translations Credit: Forever_SHINee
[PICTURE] SHINee & Lee Hyosup backstage at etude’s pink play concert

Credit: Etude’s Hyosup Lucas Lee

[Trans] 120823 Key SHINee Japan Mobile Site update

Hello everyone on fansite.
This is Key.

The fans and all who came last week to the Mezamashi Live venue even though it’s in the hot (weather), thank you very much.
Compared to last year, there were
more people came (for us), I was surprised by the many warm (and loud) cheerings.

Although the time was short, I was happy that we were able to meet!
This time we will be meeting together with the new single, 「Dazzling Girl」, so please wait ~ ♪

Source: SMent Japan Inc
credits: minoutshine
Japanese-English Translations: _almightyblings - NING