Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Trans] 121015 Jonghyun Updates his Twitter

Won 1st place in Weekly Idol’s “The idol that idols wants to follow”!! Thank you! In english it’s ddaengkyu! In chinese it’s Xie Xie! Seems like Roo has more popularity than me..(Note: don’t really understand this part, sorry!) But, it’s a trap from not following. They are saying that it is because of “Roo-talk”. It was a great announcement…..
Our Roo is 3 years old. Seems like it’s the time for her to date and get a boyfriend. Feel welcome to date a Dachshund boyfriend. Isn’t it that Roo has looks that people would fall for, no matter where she goes? ke heh. Roo-yah, let’s date!

My sister likes Ronaldo, that’s good. But she used Ronaldo as her display photo. I’m kakaotalking her but i feel like i’m talking to Ronaldo.

Text in Photo:
Sodam Nuna: Thinking if i should learn portuguese kekekekekeke
Jonghyun: kekeke
Jonghyun: Don’t think about it..
Jonghyun: Just..
Sodam Nuna: kekeke why, I’m just wondering kekekeke
Sodam Nuna: I’ve to use english, gg
Jonghyun: Change your display photo…seems like Nuna turned into Ronaldo…
Jonghyun: Even though you like him…
Sodam Nuna: kekekeke my dongsaeng is a dog though……
Jonghyun: I’m talking to nuna but why is a man mom-jjang replying to me. [*Note: mom (body 몸) -jjang (good 짱) is used to describe people who have a good body*]

*Note: The Ronaldo here is soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.*

Nuna’s display photo

My display photo is a dog.

Credit: realjonghyun90
Translation Credit: qyblingtastic